Six reasons why gay men drink so much

It’s not easy to sit down and plan out an issue to do with alcohol and gay men. Why? Well, who wants to be told they are drinking too much or too often? Not me. I like a drink just as much as the next person.


Author: Ian Howley

Meet the gay men who don't drink alcohol

Breaking news! Some gay men don’t drink alcohol. Shocking, eh?


Author: Ian Howley

"I drank myself into becoming HIV-positive after being raped”

For this issue of FS we asked 1,200 gay men about their drinking habits. One reader got in touch and asked if he could share his story about drinking his way into becoming HIV-positive after he was raped by his boyfriend. This is Dave’s story...

The A-Z of condoms

I bet you think there’s a limited amount of information about condoms, don’t you? Well you’re wrong.

"No offence... but I’m not looking to date poz guys"

Just as education has helped and is helping the stigma around being gay, the same is as important and necessary around HIV.

Don’t put all your eggs in the PrEP basket

Right now it looks like there’s going to be a long wait before PrEP is made available on the NHS.

Chems, sex and lost souls - my personal journey.

Back in 2009, Mario faced a battle against chems, sex, loneliness and the struggle to find himself. Today he shares his journey...

"But AIDS was an 80s illness, right?"

Why we must encourage young students to join the fight in promoting safe sex at university.

Horny and ashamed seeks same for long walks and companionship

And yet on a Saturday night, the gay scene is crammed full of ‘mean girls’ derisively appraising each others’ pants, pompadours and packages.


Author: Ian Howley

Do you know your LGBT history?

One Oscar winner seems to have attracted the attention of many people for his winning speech.


Author: Ian Howley

No speak English?

Mark Reed is currently working abroad as an English teacher in Cali, Colombia. He is originally from Ireland but lives in North London. While in Colombia, Mark reflects on moving to another country with limited knowledge of the language and looks at how gay men from other countries, with limited English, may feel when they move to the UK.


Author: Ian Howley

Muslim, gay and suicidal

When reconciling being gay with faith all I can say is this: I read the Qur’an and the Bible when I was trying to come to terms with my sexual orientation 24 years ago

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