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Editor: Ian Howley
Telephone: 020 34632 484

Twitter: @IanHowley

About FS magazine

FS is the gay men’s health magazine, published by GMFA. FS talks about sex, sexual health, mental health and gay men’s relationships in a realistic and honest way, touching on many of the challenges of modern gay life, such as chems use, racism and HIV stigma. FS provides gay men with a platform to share their opinions and stories to empower the thousands of gay men who read FS each month.

FS has been independently evaluated by the Cambridge Health Evaluation Consultancy. The main findings were:

  • FS was well received by all the groups. The panels agreed that the magazine took a holistic approach to health, well-being and sexual health in order to empower men to take control over their lives and have confidence in their minds and bodies. The value set guiding the resource seemed to fit and it provided information that was relevant and needed.
  • The balance between terms of interest was felt to be well managed and it seemed to reach out to a wide cross section of gay men both HIV+ and HIV negative.
  • Comment was made that FS was not just about sex and sexual health but covered a more diverse range of interests which was refreshing. This gave the magazine a broader sense of purpose, reason and direction.
  • The size and style of the magazine lent itself to portability and men stated that they would feel comfortable reading the resource in a range of settings.
  • Praise was given to the layout and format of the magazine which was likened to commercial resources available on the scene that men might choose to pay for.
  • FS was seen as having a wide reach and appeal due to its holistic approach to lifestyle issues including sexual health and HIV.